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Tregeagle – Poster

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Poster for Kneehigh's Tregeagle. Design features demonic imagery with a black, red and white illustrative style.

Devised/Directed by Jon Oram.
Cast included: Will Coleman; Mike Shepherd; Jim Carey; Tim Dalling; Hilary Coleman; Dave Mynne.

Justice Jon Tregeagle was a landowner and lawyer in Cornwall in the 1800s. His harsh pronouncements propelled him into the land of myth and it is said that he swore and oath with the devil. This show originated in a show written and directed by Mike Shepherd for schools.

Jon Oram introduced us to masks and Theatre Sports and this, in turn, developed our improvisational skills and devising processes. This was the first time we got a grant.

Tregeagle was our first show using masks and musician factors, and using music and song as narrative. It also took us out of Cornwall for the first time, to places like Tiverton! It also took on the notion and practicality of performing outside as well as inside. This was a key show for Kneehigh’s development and launched the company nationally to touring departments and venues. The Theatre Animateur Jon Oram had indeed moved things on.

Mike Shepherd, 2008.