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Ubu! – Character Summaries

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Jeremy Wardle, the host
Emcee and political commentator of Lovelyville.

President Nick Dallas
President of Lovelyville and Father of Bobbi Dallas.

Bobbi Dallas
Daughter of the president. Activist and Expressive Dancer.

Captain Shittabrique
Head of Security in Lovelyville. Former general for the old dragoon army. Hasn’t felt a woman’s touch in years.

Mr Ubu
Desperate. Despicable. Deeply daft. And hungry for power.

Mrs Ubu
Wife of Ubu. The brains behind the operation and a master manipulator.

The Brave Dissenter!
The incredible dancing dissenter who stands up to Ubu.

The Bear
A mysterious, random but kindly animal who helps Bobbi Dallas… but who is the Bear really…?

The Sweaty Bureaucrats
Lovelyville’s Live band.

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