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The Shadow Kit – Exercise 5 Environment and Character

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Exercise 5: Environment and Character

Use your scrapbook to jot down your ideas or any answers that crop up in this section…

Part 1:

Explore the environment your character or characters may be in.

Are they in a bedroom? A waiting room? A garden?

How would they naturally feel inside of this environment? Comfortable? Warm? Scared? Fidgety? Share or jot down your thoughts…

In the film I used the opening scene to establish the character of ‘the boy’ – I looked around the room he was sat in and looked for opportunities of things he could react to, play with or touch. I used these objects to give an insight into how the character was feeling and what he was thinking.

What in the room may bring your character joy and what may they dislike? Eg. What is their reaction when they look in the mirror? How do they comb their hair? How do they get out of bed? What surrounds your character and how do they react to it? Share or jot down your thoughts…

Part 2:

Pick 3 objects or items in the environment around your character and see how they may interact with them. For example – Red Riding Hood may have a photo of her granny, her crimson cloak and some cakes in a basket. Imagine you’re in a silent movie and create 3 simple gesture or movement moments with these objects that show us a little about your character.

Do they like or dislike the object? How does it make them feel? How may they move in response to it?
For example I played with how the boy may get out of bed – how I could show his lethargy and depression. When he looks in the mirror was he happy to see his reflection or confused. And when he touches the wall what does he hear?

Finally connect these up and play with how music could help inform the mood – you’ve made a character movement study! Watch the film tutorial for visuals and more information…

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