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Tristan & Yseult – Production images from Restormel Castle

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Production images from the performance of Tristan & Yseult at Restormel Castle, 2003.

Tristan & Yseult was first performed in 2003 at Restormel Castle near Lostwithiel in Cornwall. Isolde Cardinham lived in the castle in the 13th Century. A version of the story was written by her and looking down from the castle to the tidal port in Lostwithiel you can definitely imagine watching for the ship with the white sails.

Isolde Cardinham’s family, like many at the time, had more links with France (and Normandy in particular) than with Britain. Lots of Cornish families had land in France, from Brittany to Gascony, and when the Normans invaded Britain there were Cornish flags among its insignia.

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