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The Shadow Kit – Exercise 6.2 Dreams

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Dreams and Dancing:

Let’s try make some bigger movement that delves into your inner thoughts.
There is a sequence in ‘The Neon Shadow’ where ‘The Boy’ dreams he is dancing and meeting Edvard who lives opposite him. It is a sequence inspired by MGM musical movies and their use of ‘dream ballets’ to show their characters deepest desires or nightmares. I focused on the energy of freedom and imagined where my character may be feeling it in his body. I then used gesture to try sharing it and finally let it grow into my whole body.

Find a moment where your character may be dreaming – something they cannot say out loud. What emotion do they feel in their dream? Love, Freedom, Anger, Frustration?
Draw a stick man in your scrapbook and follow the video link below to lead you through the rest of the exercise.

All you need is your scrapbook and a pencil…

Shadow kit exercise page 6. Two text boxes of written exercises with multi coloured collage style background.

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